Speaker Date Topic
Elizabeth Tennet, Community Law Centre, Aotearoa Oct 24, 2017
Dr. Wayne Severn, Director Scent Tech, Upper Hutt Nov 14, 2017
canine drug detection
canine drug detection

Wayne has over 25 years’ experience as a canine handler. The highlights of his career include being one of New Zealand's first certified Urban Search & Rescue Canine Search Specialists with New Zealand Task Force 1 and validation as a Drug Detection Dog Team with a number of canines. His present canine partner is Nyx. Having a PhD in Chemistry, Wayne uses his scientific knowledge and expertise in canine olfaction to advance the usefulness of trained detection dogs into non-traditional situations, especially the detection of illicit drugs.

Esther Consedine, Elder Family Matters Nov 28, 2017
current and future thinking around aged care globally, and living at home