We in Rotary share the pride that Danielle Shannahan and all her staff and volunteers at Zealandia have to be the recipients of New Zealand’s top tourism award, with the eco santuary winning the Air New Zealand Supreme Tourism Award. A huge achievement. They also won the Excellence Award for Small-Medium businesses.
Danielle said the award belongs to the thousands of volunteers and staff who have transformed the skies of Wellington from ‘silence to the cacophony of bird song we hear today’.
Rotary echoes those sentiments entirely with a long association with the Sanctuary and through collaborative efforts to fully predator proof the sanctuary, and to build access to the Discovery Area through hard work and funding to an exciting area by the top dam and building up its education features.
Many years of fund raising through various events, year on year donations have made Zealandia an outstanding international eco-tourism attraction. Nearly 140,000 visitors annually come to Zealandia.Renewed support for Zealandia from Rotary is coming through plans to develop a new new bush access route off Birdwood St. Rotary is working with Zealandia in first steps to develop a business plan for this project