Epilepsy is the most common neurological condition, with more than 40 million people worldwide with the condition. Many of us will have at some time direct or indirect contact with an epilepsy sufferer. It is surprising therefore that there is a lack of awareness of what epilepsy is and what should be done to help when a seizure occurs.
Faced with this knowledge gap, Krystle Crimmins, herself an epilepsy sufferer since 1childhood, has stepped up to produce an invaluable handbook titled "Epilepsy First Aid". The handbook is a comprehensive guide to the major types of epileptic seizures and how to administer first aid.
 (Krystle (r), with David Watt and Graeme Titcombe - President, Rotary Karori)
The handbook also dispels some common misconceptions about epilepsy, such as the belief that epilepsy is a mental illness - it is a tendency to have seizures, but not a mental illness. 
Krystle challenges us as Rotarians to find ways to help, such as promoting awareness of epilepsy - especially important to increase employment opportunities - and encouraging schools to make the handbook available as a resource for teachers and pupils.
For more information, and to order copies of the handbook, go to epilepsyfirstaid.com.