It was a  pleasure to welcome our catchment area school principals, Gail Dewar from Makara Model School, Sharon Gataulu from Karori West Normal School, Conrad Kelly from Karori Normal School and Andrea Peetz from Northland School  to speak and receive grants from our Sunshine Fund.
Gail brought us up to date with renovations at Makara School and with the moving of the old school building. The original 130 year old school building has been moved to the back of the school site.  The school is putting a lot of effort into their food gardens, seed planting, which the children enjoy and an invitation was extended for Club to visit and see the changes.
Sharon Gataulu, who is new at Karori West Normal School also spoke about their refurbishment programme, new classrooms and coloured turf, inviting the Club to come and further partake in their school events.
Conrad Kelly, spoke at some length on the Karori Normal School’s new charter through to 2023 with key goals on sharing achievement and progress, literacy and numeracy, people care and resilience and partnership, and is their communication effective?
Andrea Peetz, who is a new principal at Northland School succeeding long standing principal Jeremy Edwards, talked about their new buildings, while construction work is still proceeding on the playgrounds. Teaching other languages is a key focus and for more teachers to become fluent in other dialects is something important in their development.
All the principals acknowledged the grants made and undertook to publicise this in their school newsletters for good use at the schools.