Please take a minute to read this as the details have changed.
We had originally planned to change our normal meeting on Tuesday 8 September to a meal on Monday 7 September followed by attendance at the Youth Awards at the Baptist Church.
With the Covid alert level being set to level 2, the KYA organisers have decided to cancel the in person meeting at the church in favour of an event based at FaceBook (@KaroriComCnt). This means there will be no Rotary meeting that week.
We wish to show our strong support for the KYA, so please if you can, make your presence known at the FaceBook event. There will be a record of youth activity and there will be an opportunity to mark your attendance. Further details of awards will be added each day from 7 September to 11 September.
To participate
1. Pop over to the Karori Community Centre facebook page (@KaroriComCnt) to 'Like' and 'Follow' the event to get further updates.
2.Check the page daily during 7th-11th September for this years youth award announcments and highlights. We would love to see your support for our young people by 'liking' and 'commenting' on our posts!
3. Please spread the word about these changes among your friends and networks! The more the merrier.