At our last meeting on 24 May President Elect Jay presented her Proposed Plan for 2022-2023. She set out her priorities: to look after current members welfare in the Club; to achieve membership growth and involvement; to have a strong focus on community projects and to further strengthen collaboration between clubs in the Wellington area.

She said the Club needs to go all out on brand awareness in order to attract increased membership interest and that this can be achieved in several ways. Club apparel, merchandise, promotion through local papers, social media and using video and webinar productions.  Using local businesses to help promote Rotary is something we must continue to do.

Her focus will be to try and increase ethnic diversity and gender groups, looking for gaps that the Club has currently in its membership in our local community.

On the membership front PE Jay will push for more association with young potential Rotarian groups, partnering with Rotoract members, encouraging members to ‘bring a friend’ to Rotary events.  
She acknowledged the club’s strength in such projects as Zealandia, working with the KRA, and support for District sponsorships. A club business plan will capture these main ideas to develop into actions.

The club has introduced diversity in its meeting operations to make meetings attractive to all forms of membership – evenings, breakfasts and helping to develop networks with other clubs. She is keen to strengthen events to try and help young professionals get into Rotary with the support of reduced fees for a period, to do membership surveys and use longer serving experienced members of the club to help in mentoring and encouraging others to participate and build the club.