Many thanks to everyone taking part in the blood pressure checks on Saturday 6 October at the Karori Mall. Most importantly we thank RNs, Judith from St Johns and Elizabeth from Massey who performed the BP checks. Thanks also to Chirag P for organising the location and providing us logistical help with the campaign.
We managed to get over 100+ people through the Blood Pressure checks in the Karori Mall.
Highlights of the day
  •     A young man, hesitant to get the check done but finally referred to his GP for low blood pressure. Judith and Richard expertly advised him.
  •     A lovely lady who did her last check when the campaign was run 2 years ago and was wondering if we will continue to run the campaign every year.
  •     The campaign was a mix of people from different genders and ethnicities with however most young people opting out of it.
  •     A lady who had a very high reading but was expertly handled by Judith and Beth, advised not stress out as she was looking well, but was referred to check with GP.
  •     A guy expertly predicting his BP before the check.
  •     Quite a number of people who advised they regularly do the BP checks.
  •     A person who told us he has a BP measurement machine at home, we just came across one such case.