We joined forces again with Karori Lions to hold the annual book fair at the Karori Baptist Church on 13 and 14 November. Takings this year were fractionally up on 2019, largely through increasing our prices on some categories.
It is interesting that Fridays continue to produce better sales than Saturdays in our local area, almost twice the takings in cash and Eftpos flowed through on the Friday between noon and 8pm. Although we had hoped to sell more books we are in line with other club book fairs in the region.
Despite the large commitment of time and labour, we enjoy working with our Lions colleagues on this venture and the profile our respective organisations are able to get in our local community and beyond. Once expenses are paid we are hoping to have in excess of $2.300 net to each club to put to community projects, in particular our support commitment to the new Wellington Children’s Hospital.