Changeover 2017 was memorable for the award of two sapphire pin PHFs: one to Jim Johnston, presented by former District Governor Martin Garcia, and the other, a double sapphire, to Doug Langford, presented by President John, in one of his final acts as President.
Jim's citation noted that he received his first PHF in 1998. This second award is in recognition of 20 years of service to District 9940 science programmes and forums and 10 years of service as District Chair of the Rotary national Science and Technology Forum.
Doug is a foundation member of the club and received his first PHF in 1991. He has served  as President and Treasurer, and has held numerous club offices. Most recently, he has been the Rotary Karori liaison to Rotary Kaukau, and has been instrumental in the formation of a new Probus Club in Wellington.
Keeping it in the family, we were entertained with an accomplished piano accompaniment      provided by Doug and Allison's grandson, Joshua.
Past-President John reflected on his year as President before gratefully handing over the chain of office, and the responsibilities that go with it, to President Graeme.
The evening was also notable for the theme of US Independence Day, with Allan Frazer emerging a clear winner for most outstanding costume, notwithstanding a strong challenge by David Watt.