As District coordinator for Christmas pudding sales the Rotary Club of Karori has been doing the rounds delivering puddings and running its own pudding stands at the Karori Mall on 7th and 14th December engaging with our local community. Unfortunately bad weather prevented the Khandallah Fair taking place on Sunday 8 December so an opportunity was lost there to help our friends in the Rotary Club of Kau  Kau with pudding sales. Nevertheless our community leaders were very supportive of the Club with new Mayor Andy Foster buying from us and also National List MP Nicola Willis pictured on our sales stand in the Karori Mall on 14 December with Henk Rood, Krystle Crimmins, David Watt and President Phil Oliver.
We are looking forward to a good return on pudding sales to help our commitment to community projects. With a good break post Christmas we will be back in full gear again working on our Rotary plans and support for important causes in Wellington.