Greetings all.
With the planned relaxation of Covid levels we will meet again at Marsden on Tuesday 22 September. In addition to being able to talk to each other again this meeting is important for 3 reasons.
1    Lynda Murray will be formally inducted as a member of the club.
2    The meeting will be a club forum. This is a chance to review our progress and to look in detail at the way ahead. We can use the opportunity to explore our forward planning and to provide input on projects and future events. It is important that we have this engagement, please make every effort to attend. There are exciting possibilities ahead as we move into our centennial year.
It's important that we keep faith with Elaine Harris our caterer, this has been a tough time for her business. If you can't make it please send your apology to
3    I will be seeking nominations for president elect. If you would like to consider taking on this role I am happy to talk to you about what the job involves. As our membership grows it is imperative that we place ourselves in a strong position for the future so that we can continue to serve our community. Rotary provides excellent training for the role at SPPETS (South Pacific President Elect Training Scheme). It's a great opportunity to become more involved with the Rotary organisation.
Finally take a minute to look at our forward program, there have been changes due to Covid. Also give some thought to volunteering for the Polio ride the train event, details below.
Best regards, Phil