At our meeting on 14 August President David outlined a full program of projects and forth coming events (please see the side bar and plan your support). He also welcomed Coral Anderson, past president and member of the club for 19 years who was visiting from the Wairarapa.
Anant Bhatnagar
Our main speaker for the evening was our own Anant Bhatnagar. Anant gave a brief assessment of his personality and described his career in IT in the US, UK, India, Australia and New Zealand. Anant is currently working for Datacom, a large, international IT services company. His role is a team leader responsible for the Transition and Transformation team. This is an essential role in a company that assists local industry to outsource their IT infrastructure. Managing the change from in house IT systems to outsourced systems presents multiple challenges that must be carefully managed for a successful project. Datacom has successfully managed projects for ACC, MBIE, DIA, Chorus and Parliamentary Services.
Anant screened an amusing video illustrating the pitfalls of outsourcing and showing the importance of keeping focused on the job at hand. This encapsulates the Datacom strategy of acting as a local outsource.
The talk concluded with a light jab at the project management of the new bus time tables. Several of the questions revolved around AI and Anant agreed this would have an increasing influence on all our lives.
Karori Youth Awards
Allan Fraser spoke about the importance of the Annual Karori Youth Awards. These will be held in the Marsden School Auditorium at 7pm on Wednesday 5th September. Rotary Karori is the core sponsor of the awards and this is our 20th year of supporting this event. We are particularly keen this year to have a great turnout to celebrate the 20 young Karori people who have been nominated for Awards this year. We are working hard to get more community participation in line with the vision developed in the Karori Project to move towards being a more connected community. One action to bring about change is to involve more people in community events such as this.
Richard Oldham presented a viewpoint that focused on cycles in the economic sphere.