President Phil Oliver gave us an opening thought around Covid 19 with an expression of the widely differing attitudes prevailing in the world to risks and consequences of the virus. He said that permeated our own society, but was very prevalent in countries with Federal and State controlled governments, such as in the United States and Australia. The differing views and actions are hindering efforts to get Covid 19 under control.
We welcomed guest speaker, Jay Jaiganesh, one of our two new members and a Senior IT consultant for Ernst & Young. Jay is from Trichy in India, a temple town in Tamllnadu. Jay gave us an insight into her home town and background, she loves singing, reading, gardening and travelling. She is also a board member of the Cancer Society Wellington, and a board member of the Lower Hutt Women’s Centre and a Sustainability Committee member at E&Y.
Her work as a senior It consultant has very much involved her in engineering dashboard design projects and communication working across crown entities, and wider public sector. A very big focus of her assignments is on future strategies of work with her client base and developing tools and data to assist clients on trends and direction of business. She has been a specialist in the education field with developing data to assist teaching and learning and providing help to underprivileged students.
Jay took her discussion into where E&Y is headed beyond 2020. She touched on such topics as decarbonisation, the techonomic cold war, behavioural economies, synthetic media, and a very broad area of future thinking.
The many questions from members fielded by Jay showed considerable interest in her field of work and impact that E&Y is having in these areas is having world- wide.
President Phil extended the Club’s warmest thanks to Jay and then outlined a few key messages – future planting in Ben Burn Park and discussions with Council, seeking a new representative to go on the Karori Liaison Group with the Karori Community Centre and calling for nominations for the Karori Youth Awards in September.