We were pleased to welcome Gabrielle Gunn, Head of Science at Marsden School along with Aishani McGrath and Michelle Lee, Year 13 students from Marsden, who attended the National Science Forum in Auckland back in January, on our Zoom meeting on 25 August speaking to us out of the School Library. Aishani and Michelle were due to speak to us back in March but we went into lockdown and had to postpone their reporting back on the Forum.
Aishani and Michelle spoke of the opportunities at the Auckland Forum to build new friendships with others, the team work required as part of their elective groups and being able to be introduced to a wider world of science. They were in awe of their young tutors and lecturers who took their courses and challenged them to learn for pure enjoyment. They both agreed in response to questions from Club members that this exposure to others they had never met before over the two weeks together strengthened the fun they had, at an experience that has certainly helped to build their confidence in this their final year at Marsden to be well prepared for University in 2021.
Aishani also outlined to the Club her involvement in voluntary work in the community helping to run a homework club set up at St Peter’s Church in the City, to use her skills and those of others for young students wanting help with their school work and challenges. They have been working with students from Mt Cook and Te Aro Schools.
Club members commended this initiative and wished Aishani and Michelle well for the remainder of their year at Marsden and for their choice science studies ahead.