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Tuesday 10 September Club Meeting
Just a reminder that we will meet for our usual meal at Marsden but will depart for Karori West Normal School to support the Karori Youth Awards. We have been asked to assist with the clean up afterwards. Please be prepared to spend a few minutes replacing chairs etc.
Thursday 19 September Candidates Meeting
We are organising this meeting in conjunction with the Karori Residents Association. Turnout is expected to be heavy and we will be looking for a commitment of time to make the meeting a success.
Tuesday 24 September Club Meeting
We will hold our normal meeting at Marsden. The speaker will be Bill Day who will discuss developments at the Wellington Childrens Hospital.
Saturday 5 October Blood Pressure Campaign
We will be organising Blood Pressure Monitoring at our usual spot in the Karori Mall. This gives us great exposure in the community as we support the nurses doing the testing. I'll be looking for a commitment of time at our next meetings.
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Related Events
Saturday 28 September
The Port Nicholson Club are running a casino evening. This will be held in the Wellington Bridge Club Rooms at 6:30 for a 7:00pm start. Port Nicholson are raising funds to supply an ambulance to the hospital in Apia, Samoa. This is a chance for our club assist with an international project that we would be unable to manage by ourselves.
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Thursday 24 October
Michael Fagg, our district co-ordinator for the campaign to eradicate polio is organising a 'Ride The Train' event. The train will depart from Palmerston North, travel to Wellington and then return through the Wairarapa to Masterton. He is looking for volunteers to gain sponsership at the rate of 50 cents per person per station (there are a total of 62 stations). Tee shirts are available. Don't forget any donations attract a 2 for 1 contribution from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
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