At our meeting on 11 June Councillor Diane Calvert gave us an overview of her work as a city councillor. She represents the Western Ward together with Andy Foster and Simon Woolf. Cr Calvert has taken on special responsibility for community engagement and community planning.
Wellington City faces many tough challenges in the coming years driven by an estimated increase of 50-80 thousand new people in the next 30 years. These challenges will require solutions that in turn will need to be agreed with the community of ratepayers and citizens.
Some of the challenges are
    The refurbishment of the Town Hall
    The reorganisation of the city library
    Improving cycling and walking facilities
    Mass transit, Railway Stn to Airport
    A solution for the Basin Reserve
    New Mt Victoria tunnel and Ruahine St
    Climate change
Cr Calvert stressed the willingness of the council to share information with public as a starting point to building a consensus.
She ended her discussion with report on progress measured against the key aspects of her portfolio.
    Improved community engagement
    Integrated suburban community planning
    Online suburban community plans
    Advisory groups repurposed
    Toolkit for community led planning
The meeting ended with a wide variety of questions.