The annual joint meeting of Rotary Karori and Karori Lions members was held on 11 October. Rotary Karori members were warmly welcomed and President Graeme reciprocated with thanks. He also took the opportunity to hand over the Karori Lions' share of the net proceeds from this year's book fair.
Beth Anders of Karori Lions gave a powerful and passionate presentation on Camp Quality, a volunteer organisation providing camps and recreational activities for children suffering from cancer and their families. Camp Quality was founded over 30 years ago with the assistance of the Lions Clubs of New Zealand.
The Wellington Region with which Beth is associated conducts a summer camp, a picnic, and a reunion day for senior campers. It also runs a weekend training camp for volunteer companions who are assigned to each child attending a camp.
The focus is on children aged 5 to 13 years. Seventy children are enrolled for the January 2018 summer camp. Camps provide a stress-free and caring environment for the children, where fun and friendship are combined with achievable challenges. Camps also provide a respite period for families.
Camp Quality is dependant on fundraising to meet the annual costs for the Wellington Region of around $140,000. Lions clubs contribute around one third, while the balance is raised through a wide range of events and fundraisers. 
Beth concluded with a message of hope and commitment to the lasting impact of these camps and an invitation to Rotary Karori to consider providing support.