At our meeting on 25 September we welcomed Kay Webster who has been recently appointed to manage the Karori Community Centre.
Kay has stepped into the job after working in the Anglican Church for many years and in various roles. When asked about the change in jobs she replies that she has always asked 'What do people need to be the best they can be?' This the approach that she intends bringing to the Community Centre. In her previous roles Kay explained that she had developed a sense of timing when moving from one to the other. It seemed to her that this was the right time to move on to a new job.
Rather than reciting a list of job functions Kay chose to tell the story of her time at the KCC by telling us about some of the personal interactions she had had with people at the Centre. These included a conversation with a Saudi woman with very little English. Despite this and the cultural differences they were able to have a joyful interaction. On Monday morning the Centre hosts a sewing group. The group specialises in taking fabric that would otherwise end up in the land fill and turning it into useful items. More importantly the women are able to share their skills with one another. Younger members of the community can find an accepting environment over a game of bowls.
Other activities that Kay mentioned at the Centre include the Citizens Advice Bureau, the toy library and a food bank. Above all Kay wants to encourage a warm human environment at the Centre.