The Rotary Club of Karori was pleased to give its support to the annual Karori Youth Awards held this year at the Karori West Normal School. This is the last year for principal Janice Shramka to host the awards before she takes up retirement next year. There was a great crowd of families and friends present, with many worthy candidates for awards from schools and community groups in the local area.
The Karori West Normal School kapahaka group set a great tone for the evening with an outstanding presentation at the start of proceedings.
President Phil Oliver did the honours in making presentations to a junior age group for their service to the community and to a group nominated by the Baptist Church for their community service.
Rotarian David Bain on behalf of the Karori Cricket Foundation also presented awards to community groups for their service. The guest speaker for the occasion was Daniel Olive from Ignite Sport  with some strong messages around personal beliefs and commitment to do well in whatever pursuits young people took up.