Last year the District 9940 Ride The Train project raised $30,000 to help end polio. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation matched this 2 for 1 meaning that $90,000 went to help end Polio. Africa has now been declared free of Polio in the wild leaving only Afghanistan and Pakistan where the disease persists.
You can help by supporting Ride The Train. Buy a tee shirt and cover the 62 stations between Palmerston North and Masterton or sponsor someone who will. A suggested donation of 50 cents per station will raise $31. Wearing the tee shirt means you can ride for free.
If you can't ride the train, there will be a stall selling bacon butties at Wellington Station. Sign up for a couple of hours at
By the way, Polio only exists in human populations. When eradicated it will be only the 3rd disease eliminated from earth, after Smallpox and Rinderpest (a cattle disease).