Polio Quiz Night
On 9 October Michael Fagg, chair of district 9940 Polio Plus ran an entertaining and informative Polio quiz.
Michael stressed that although we are making progress the fight is still far from over. Starting back in 1985 the Global Polio Eradication Initiative has been a long hard fight. The remaining cases are occurring in countries that are at war or where there is social unrest. Once a country has eradicated Polio a period of 3 years must pass without further cases before the country can be declared disease free by the WHO.
The Polio virus occurs only in human beings. Eradication of Polio will be only the third disease to be eliminated, after smallpox and rinderpest. The economic benefits of eliminating the disease are huge.
Most enticingly Michael had on display a jeroboam of wine to be auctioned early next year together with any other wine donations received.