Karori Rotarians hosted Counciller Andy Foster at their meeting on 13 June. Also present were Council Officers Cally, Bo and Tim. The meeting was designed to elicit thoughts and ideas that would contribute to the forward planning processes for the Karori suburb.
Andy, a long time stalwart of the Karori area, started out by providing context for the Wellington City Councils planning processes, stressing the need for dialogue. This was the first of a number of sessions planned for the Karori suburb. Similar sessions will shortly be launched for Miramar and Kilbirnie. However Karori faces a number of critical decisions in the short term including those for infrastructure, transport and education.
Cally outlined the community planning process and the time frames that the council was working to. Towards the end of 2017 it was hoped to finalise a long term plan.
Action then passed to the Rotarians who were asked to discuss qualities required for community stewardship and to think about local leadership. Also provided were large and medium scale maps of the area with overlays that enabled groups at each table to conceptualise and record their ideas. This provoked a lively exchange of ideas assisted with questions and suggestions from Andy, Cally, Bo and Tim.
The meeting concluded with an open discussion of the methodology and risks involved in forward planning.