Karori Rotarians were treated to some youthful snap, crackle and pop at our meeting on 13 February. Karori Rotary supported Sarah Philp-Wright and Anjali Gentejohann from Marsden College to the Rotary National Science And Technology Forum and Dion Blackmore to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. These three young people reported back on their experiences. What a delight it was to share their enthusiasm.
Anjali Gentejohann and Sarah Philp-Wright

The 2 girls from Marsden travelled to Auckland for the Science and Technology Forum. Accommodation was provided at O'Rorke Hall at the Unversity Of Auckland. During the forum they participated in a wide variety of 3 hour technology modules including robotics, sport science, 3D printing, ethics and business. Both girls stressed that the variety offered had shown them things they had not been previously exposed. This had taken them outside their comfort zone and had caused them to reconsider their options as they tried to discern the career options open to them.
It wan't all work however. There were a number of recreational options provided during the Forum including volleyball, Zoo and beach visits and a formal dinner. Both girls had enjoyed the mix of 'tech and rec'.
President Graeme Titcombe noted that the Science Forum had been running for 25 years and thanked Jim Johnson for his work in selecting candates and Marsden College for putting forward candidates of such high quality.
Dion Blackmore
Dion Blackmore attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards in the Hutt Valley during January. Dion, 19, is a second year student at VUW studying accounting and finance. Dion gave us an outstanding presentation that positively buzzed with the changes that had occurred for him at RYLA. Dion summarised his top 5 lessons as: take ownership of your life; make the culture you want to live in; your positivity makes a difference; understand what you are grateful for and don't let others define you, define yourself.
Dion was part of team orange, helping each other grow and forming what he hopes will be lasting friendships with the group.
All candidates concluded their presentations by thanking Karori Rotary for the opportunity extended to them. It was a great pleasure to hear from 3 of our best and brightest young people.