Even though we had a small attendance, there was a good sharing of ideas for our forward Rotary programme.
President Phil outlined our achievements in the year to date. Despite the significant period of covid lockdown, we have achieved a growth in membership, assisted the promotion of the booklet on epilepsy education aid, our support for the Sunshine Club to Schools, and support to the Rotary vaccine project ahead in the Pacific. We also had support for upcoming events such as our business breakfast programme and General Election meeting.
Krystle Crimmins gave the meeting thoughts from a meeting of our recent induction of new women members. Her presentation contained new ideas to take to the board emphasizing greater flexibility in Rotary for members.
Members also raised some ideas that had worked well for the Club in the past including getting to know other members and partners well through the Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner programme and building up interest in associate membership in the Club as a way for some to consider full membership in Rotary. Allan Frazer suggested he would take up an almoner role to keep in touch with past members.