The latest in the series of ANZ Bank - Karori Rotary business breakfast meetings was held on 17 October with guest speaker the Mayor of Wellington, Justin Lester.
Justin's presentation entitled 'Back To The Future' gave a very upbeat assessment of the direction in which the city is heading.
Starting with transportation he highlighted the speed with which transport modes can change. As an example the horse and cart was replaced by the motor car in less than 15 years. In Wellington we are starting to see another major transport change with the movement towards electric cars. The city is adapting by encouraging charging stations for the new vehicle type. Light rail is also being kept under review.
Justin dealt with changing demographic changes. There has been a lack of investment in low cost housing. This must be addressed. A lot more people will be living in the city centre and despite some growing pains this is starting to pay off. The council is striving to make the city centre an attractive environment for these new inhabitants.
Along the way the occasional mistake has been made but these have been offset with some significant successes. The environment has benefited from the predator free movement. The has been significant progress with Te Tauihi Te Reo Māori policy. The shift from Guy Fawkes to Matariki has been largely accomplished.
Finally the Mayor gave an overview of the plans that are being developed for Karori and summarised the responses received from community consultation.
A vigorous but friendly question time brought the meeting to a close.