Whenever there are significant weather events affecting the Pacific Islands, all hands are on deck to provide aid, Governments around the world, community agencies and service organisations. Rotary for many decades has played a major role in providing many forms of aid, often with little public recognition. Rotarian leaders are frequently disappointed that our support is not properly recognised. Rotary has provided millions of dollars of funding aid over the years, shelter equipment, new building construction, in the aftermath of disasters that have hit our Pacific nations.

Rotary New Zealand World Community Service as a first responder following cyclones, floods, volcanic eruptions and other disasters, has stocks of Emergency Response Kits strategically positioned around the Pacific.
A stock of 538 ERKs as we know them, were made available for distribution to families in need following the recent volcanic eruption and tsunami. These have been distributed by the Rotary Club of Nuka’lofa and other partners.

As a club we will consider the donation of a couple of ERKs as we have done previously for Pacific causes, either for immediate use, or to replenish stocks for future disaster events.

Each ERK costs $NZ600 and donations are sought for this purpose for a whole or part of a box. For details on how to contribute, go to www.rnzwcs.org